Figline Valdarno, Italia

some views of  the sweet town and villa where we stayed Figline Valdarno…just outside of Firenze (Florence),  “rises between the slopes of the Chianti hills and the left bank of the Arno river”. at 5pm, everyone comes out to buy what they need for dinner and to visit…sweet! Villa Casagrande Built in the 1300′s, it [...]

Venezia (Venice)

We traveled from Tuscany to Venice for the day.  It was sooo worth the trip! Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) Related Posts: Italy

Shopping in Firenze (Florence)

I had to take pictures of displays that caught my eye… …and what are they wearing?  Leather, of course, it’s Italy! …and all that walking and shopping makes you hungry! …the food market was so colorful and everything I bought was delicious… of course, it’s Italy! Next time:  Venice!! more Italy

The Streets of Firenze

I am missing Italy. I traveled there in November of 2010, and it was a dream come true for me. What do I miss?  The cobblestone streets, the architecture, art, churches and history at every turn, yummy food and wine, beautiful weather…magnifico!  Come with me for a stroll in Firenze (Florence), see the sites and [...]

Antiquing in Tuscany

It has been a dream of mine to travel to Italy, especially Tuscany, which I was able to do this month.  What a wonderful experience! I will be posting some interesting things that I did, here is an antiquing trip to a town near Florence. Buon Divertimento! (have fun) more Italy

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