Vera Bradley

I picked up this vintage Vera Bradley bag at a tag sale and I love it, I was so happy to find it.  It has  lots of pockets inside and is light to carry… …but it is  an “old school” color isn’t it? ( I like it anyway)  Vera is back, I’m sure you know, [...]

Thrift Store Treasures/Trays

My love of flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores bring treasures into my home.  But what to do with them!?  I love these painted trays…and here are 3 options for where I can use them in my home. 1. Hang it on the wall   2. create a pretty table display   3. use it on [...]

Tuxedo Shirt and Cufflinks

This shirt was found in a Hospital Thrift store and it was a real find for me.  It was brand new, and a small size so it fits really well.  I could have a million and one white shirts!!  This was a fun one to add to my collection; however, not close to a million [...]

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