Real Estate Staging Update

“Stage That House” is happy to report that 4 recently Staged homes have sold! 1.  River Road, Grandview, NY 2. 6th Avenue, Nyack,  NY 3. 9W Upper Grandview, NY 4. Penthouse, Nyack, NY Thanks to the Realtors who have entrusted us to make these beautiful homes even more sell-able! 1. Evadne Archambault, Southeby’s 2. Greg [...]

Upper Grandview Staging

Nancy and I were busy a couple of weeks ago Staging a beautiful home that over looks the Tappan Zee Bridge. The home owners were still in residence, so we were hired to help with the editing and arranging. It was a pleasure working with Liz, the homeowner, and Russ Wooley, the Realtor. I think [...]

Condo Living.1

Here is an “almost-done” project at a Condo in Ft. Lee, NJ.  The owner wanted Nancy and I to update because she may want to sell.  It had been on the market before but is not presently. We chose to paint, rearrange furniture, change up the artwork, add a few accessories, cover ladder -back chairs, [...]

Staging a Victorian for sale

Nancy and I had the pleasure of Staging a beautiful Victorian home recently (getting it ready for sale).  It is a Circa 1890 home, with many of it’s original features intact, which made it even more beautiful to me.  The home had plenty of furniture and accessories, so our task was to freshen-up a bit.  [...]

Model Home Staging

Nancy and I just Staged a new home in Upper Nyack, New York.  The Realtor, Nancy, called us to do an (almost) empty model home. It is for sale by the builder who also has other houses and lots for sale on the street.  It was a big job but fun to do and we [...]

Staging/ 1 Bedroom Apartment

Living Room: This room has the very common problem of being too big that people don’t know how to live in it. The best solution for rooms like this is to have different spaces for different activities.   We decided to create 3 separate living areas; the “office”; sofa and chairs for visiting and/or TV [...]

Real Estate Staging: 1 Bedroom Apt.

A 1 bedroom apartment overlooking the Hudson River has been on the market a while, so the Realtor and owner called us in for Staging. I am going to show you the “befores” and some of the dilemmas that this apartment presents.  You will have to check back later in the week to see the [...]

Stage That House

Real Estate Staging is a wonderful investment for home owners who want to present their homes to the buying public in their best condition.  A potential buyer’s first impression can be a lasting one so you need to make it a good one! Also, a Staged home photographs really well which is vital for its [...]

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