Snow Storm 2013

hope everyone in the Northeast is safe and warm!

Family Photos

What do you do with your family photos? Frames are great, of course, but there are too many for me to put in frames. Here is what I choose to do in my office. I used the blue painters tape so as not to damage the wall. It is also so easy to add to [...]

Happy Father’s Day

My Dad… Happy Father’s Day, all you wonderful Dads.

kids with cameras

the 5 year old gets his first chance last summer…their first shot is usually themselves… …then the world through their perspective …then at Christmas the 2 year old gets her chance …and Mom is a good sport and always has a smile …so let your kids have a “shot” at it (pun intended) they may [...]

Photo Ready

Have you longed for a FILM camera again?  Well, they are back (but they never really went away, did they). It can be so nice to hold a picture in your hands. I saw this in the Pottery Barn catalog…vintage looking film cameras! There are others out there as well. We have a collection on [...]

The Beauty Around Us

what I saw this week: Happy Birthday America!  It’s the 4th of July weekend…and I love all the American Flags that come out for the holiday!  It makes me thankful and proud to be an American when I see the flag waving at the front door of the homes around me. Here are a few [...]

The Beauty Around Us

what I saw this week: the beautiful Hudson River, New York

The Beauty Around Us

what I saw this week: clematis on my fence is a special treat…seems especially purple this year

The Beauty Around Us

what I saw this week: New Guinea Impatiens at the nursery…

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  I love you. This is my mother, one of my sisters and me.  My family (which also included my father and 2 bothers)  were on-board an ocean liner traveling to Venezuela to live  in 1960.  This has always been a favorite of mine.  I am the one with the funny face! [...]

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