Paris Chic.deux

Bonjour! In keeping with advice given by Ines de la Frassange, I went on the hunt for the essential Trench Coat and was so happy to find a nice one, with everything I wanted it to have…nice buttons, belt, buckles, and shoulder tabs! And another essential is the navy blue sweater, which I also found; [...]

LL Bean

This is so cute!   “Jean was just 20-years old in 1940 when she appeared in L.L.’s book “Hunting, Fishing and Camping.” Now 92, Jean recently found herself back at L.L.Bean on a family holiday. The family mentioned Jean’s connection to L.L.Bean to a store employee and the next thing Jean knew, she was dressed [...]

Royal Wedding/Fashion

Cheers! What a beautiful shot of the new couple.  I wish them all the best. As I watched (yes, I was up at  6am), I saw the Brit’s really come alive with their wedding fashions.  So I thought of those wonderful women of “What Not to Wear“, Trinny and Susannah, and their advice on what [...]

Spring Has Sprung/Fashion

the Button Down Shirt…nothing says AMERICAN like this shirt… for men and women! the Brooks Brothers button down shirt… (Wikipedia, dress shirt) Spread collars measure from around 3½ to 6 inches between the collar points, and the wider collars are often referred to as cutaway or Windsor collars after the Duke of Windsor. This city style [...]

Wallis Warfield Simpson

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor circa 1939.  This picture was taken at their villa in Cannes, France. This is Edward VIII who abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis, who was a divorcee (think the movie, “The King’s Speech”).  Aren’t they a stunning couple?  Some of her nightdresses were auctioned off this past [...]

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