I love my collection of old pewter… The candle sticks, sugar and creamer, and salt and pepper shakers were wedding gifts (1978); the other pieces I have picked up along the way. I liked using this pewter on my Thanksgiving table because it says  “Colonial America”to me and I find it very warm. Visit this [...]


This is my new collection of tiny glassware.  I found 3 of them at an Estate Sale and a friend gave me one. I have placed them above my kitchen sink. Remember, you have a collection if you have 3.  So have fun collecting and displaying what you have found!

Springtime Brunch

Every year the Woman’s group at my church hosts a Spring Brunch. We do something very unique by having hostesses for each table which they set with their own place settings from home.  So out comes the heirloom china, crystal and table linens; it turns out so beautifully! Then we enjoy the wonderful food along [...]

Thrift Store Treasures/Trays

My love of flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores bring treasures into my home.  But what to do with them!?  I love these painted trays…and here are 3 options for where I can use them in my home. 1. Hang it on the wall   2. create a pretty table display   3. use it on [...]

My Mother’s Christmas Linens

These were staples in my mother’s home since the 60′s.  They are still in very good shape and I use them every year.  My mother cannot celebrate Christmas anymore, but I love to use these and think of our German Christmases when we were all together and the fun we had. And now, Christmas is [...]

Gramma’s Ornaments

Even though the Christmas season is officially over as of today, January 1, I wanted to show my mother-in-law’s vintage glass ornaments.  They were always on her tree, and now that she can no longer decorate her own tree, we have them on ours.  We have wonderful memories of Christmas at her home and take [...]

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