“Chicken Dishes”

a slight joke, “chicken dishes”,  no chicken recipes here! these are from my mother’s kitchen

The Stork Club

The Stork Club in NYC was a very swanky night club from the 1930′s until 1965.  I have in my possession an ash tray from the club.  It had belonged to my grandfather, who lived in Brooklyn in the 40′s.  I’m not sure how he got it.  But after he passed ( in the 60′s), [...]

Collections: Kids Artwork #2

Back again to show you how you can display that nice artwork that your kids have done.  Here is one my daughter did in 4th grade.  She never thought she could draw very well, but obviously she was wrong!  I have always loved this one and have had it in my living room for many [...]

Collections:Kids Artwork #1

Our kids can produce some really nice artwork, be it painting, sketching, photography, coloring….they can be so creative at any age.  So why not display this in your home (somewhere besides the refrigerator).  Since it is Good Friday, I thought I would start with this one that my son did in High School.  The assignment [...]

Wallis Warfield Simpson

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor circa 1939.  This picture was taken at their villa in Cannes, France. This is Edward VIII who abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis, who was a divorcee (think the movie, “The King’s Speech”).  Aren’t they a stunning couple?  Some of her nightdresses were auctioned off this past [...]

Antique Mirrors

I have a collection of antique mirrors in my home. I enjoy collecting old things either from family or in antique/thrift stores (no kidding)!My motto is “I like things with a history; even if I don’t know what it is”!  Here they are and I will tell you where they are from. #1 This mirror [...]

Washington’s Birthday

From my 1976 Collection of plates celebrating the Bi-centennial… visit Washington’s beautiful home on the Potomac: Mt. Vernon

Silver Collection

I have some beautiful old pieces of silver that are very special. I love to display them at certain times of the year.  Winter seems like a good time to have these special pieces around.  One of the oldest is this tray from my grandparent’s home. The engraving on the back says, “To Flo and [...]

Photo Ready

Have you longed for a FILM camera again?  Well, they are back (but they never really went away, did they). It can be so nice to hold a picture in your hands. I saw this in the Pottery Barn catalog…vintage looking film cameras! There are others out there as well. We have a collection on [...]

from another time…

November is month of my father’s birth.  Here he is with his parents in the 1930′s; they lived in Brooklyn, so perhaps this is Coney Island, New York? Does anyone else wish we still dressed like this?  At least once in a while?  This is most likely a Sunday stroll, not even a fancy affair.

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