Hello and welcome,  glad you stopped by.  I am Margot, and I am an Interior Designer, living in northern New Jersey.  I have been involved in this field since 2002, working in Bergen and Rockland Counties, and anywhere else my clients or interests take me!  My blog, Bittersweet, will show you some of my interests in the design field; from my personal “Collections”, to “Travel”, to “Thrift Store Treasures”, to “Real Women*Real Spaces”( the homes of my friends), to “Before and After” which showcases my design work.  So please take your time on these pages and hopefully you will get some great ideas for your home.  It is meant to be instructional and an encouragement to you in your own pursuit of beautifying your home. Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have on the comment section after each Blog post. Should you live locally, please contact me for a design consultation or Real Estate Staging.