Hello all, it’s another freezing day in the Northeast, so it’s a perfect day for a quick project. I went Antiquing with Martha over the weekend and found something fun. This scarf is hand knit, wool, and the perfect size (and perfect price-under $5.00) for making an Infinity Scarf. I had first thought that I would just knit or crochet one, but have been wondering if I could take a scarf and turn it into an Infinity. It worked!

Here is the scarf as purchased. I thought it was a perfect size because I wanted the new scarf to be tight around my neck, like a turtleneck as apposed to a huge cowl neck.

I matched the yarn and sewed the ends together.

I like the finished product! It’s snug and warm.

Here is a video of how to crochet your own.

*these scarves can also be called Eternity

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