This is an enjoyable article about older homes that creak and go thump in the night. “While a scary movie or the Halloween season might tempt you to attribute these occurrences to ghosts, they probably have more earthbound explanations. The material elements of your home are responding to temperature changes and possibly to actions by [...]

34 years!

Here is a post at Nibs called “Make Do and Wed”; we used¬† my wedding dress worn 34 years ago today; you will also see an updated version worn by Hillary   Here is a little Billy Joel… This song was our first dance, not because it was “our song” but it was my choice [...]

Pumpkin Muffins

these are delicious…my friend Jess told me about this website so I tried these this morning I added the sugar crystals to the top for beauty (and less sugar in the muffin!)

Painting Fun

1. Look what is new at Benjamin Moore… Chalkboard paint in any color…now that is a great idea. Here are the how-to’s on their website. 2. Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan ( don’t confuse the 2 paints, very different) check out Google Images for some great pictures featuring Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and this blog [...]

Paris Chic.deux

Bonjour! In keeping with advice given by Ines de la Frassange, I went on the hunt for the essential Trench Coat and was so happy to find a nice one, with everything I wanted it to have…nice buttons, belt, buckles, and shoulder tabs! And another essential is the navy blue sweater, which I also found; [...]

candle re-making

Here is an easy project for all that left-over wax 1. find a heat tolerant jar; (I used a Stonewall jelly jar); put in the wax pieces from old candles 2. put the jar in a pan filled with water just covering the wax line;  put the heat to medium and watch the wax melt [...]

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