My friend Nancy and I have been talking about gathering our German friends together for a traditional meal, and this week it finally took place!  Some guests were from Germany originally; some of us just have a German heritage. We did meet 2 young German women that are here interning; one at Mercedes Benz and the other at BMW.  They said they felt like they were home.  It was wonderful to gather, meet new people, see old friends and EAT!

I decided to use my beer krugs as centerpieces.  (We thought they were called “steins” but were corrected by a wonderful shop owner in Rothenburg). I used simple white daisies from the grocery store, clipped greens, and winterberry.

this krug is from my Grandparents home…

this is a new one purchased from the Hofbrauhaus

and also newly purchased from Rothenburg

There were so many of us that we needed 3 tables, but there were enough krugs to go around.

Everyone brought food and we had a blast and look forward to the next time.

Guten Appetit!

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