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IMAN at Calico Corners

The iconic beauty IMAN is teaming up with Calico Corners with her own fabric line.  Check it out and feel exotic! I like these…

The Stork Club

The Stork Club in NYC was a very swanky night club from the 1930′s until 1965.  I have in my possession an ash tray from the club.  It had belonged to my grandfather, who lived in Brooklyn in the 40′s.  I’m not sure how he got it.  But after he passed ( in the 60′s), [...]

Summer Brides

wedding by the sea!

Summer Antiques

When on Cape Cod, I just have to stop by some of the stores that I pass by…especially on Rt. 6a!  This is what I found this time… I found these prints by Richard Averill Smith. He was a photographer in the early 1900′s. I loved the interiors, so brought them home and hung them [...]

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