To Dwell: to reside; to live in a given condition, as in, “to dwell in happiness”. What a beautiful word; we do not just live in our homes, we dwell there. Come with me to visit my friends in their homes in the series called “Real Women*Real Spaces”. These are regular women, but by no means ordinary! I want to capture them in the rooms they love, in the homes where they dwell in happiness…and in a style unique to each.

Today we visit fellow blogger, Becky. She lives in New York state with her family in this Cape Cod style house built in 1952.  Becky and her husband moved in a couple of years ago and are having fun fixing it up and making it their own.  Becky is very industrious in the blogging world, with not 1, but 2 blogs!  She has discovered that she loves to bake (and eat) and the kids love it too.  Who wouldn’t love to eat all those goodies?  So as soon as you enter the home, you will find cookbooks everywhere!  Here is her

Entry and Living Room.



Becky also enjoys going to Garage Sales and checking Craig’s List. She has acquired some great pieces of furniture which she has refinished or painted  (and the kids some wonderful toys, etc).  She also sews her own pillows and curtains!

The Kitchen:

Becky’s kitchen is original to the house which suits the family just fine for now.  They added butcher block counters and more cabinets, giving she and the kids more room to bake and have fun together.  Her blog, The Mixing Bowl Diary is dedicated to gluten and dairy free baked goods. Can you see the strawberry jam on the window sill? There is always something in the works. On the counter are two recent projects; bird houses and blueberries for the backyard!

…and I love Becky’s collection of Salmon Falls Stoneware.

Dinning Room:

Becky’s Dinning Room is more of a craft room.  This is where the kids do projects for MyKidsMake.  And it is also the Art Gallery and Lego Room…and sometimes they even sit at the table to eat!

Family Room:

Thanks for the tour, Becky.  This is a really fun place to be full of love, laughter, creativity and fun! xo

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