One of my favorite places in the home is the kitchen and I am sure most of you feel the same way. “The kitchen is the heart of the home.” Does anyone know where that phrase came from?  It is so true.  We cook, eat, visit, do homework, read the paper, use our laptops, watch TV, and generally hang out together, all in this one room.  And how could we do all that without the kitchen table?! Hence, a new series with some of my favorites.  Some will be “real”, and others from magazines.  Enjoy.

What a treat to be at the Smithsonian and to see this exhibit.  And what perfect timing for my kitchen table posts! When Julia moved to California from Cambridge, MA, in 2001, she donated her kitchen to the Smithsonian American History Museum. Can’t you see her in this kitchen?  I can’t even imagine how much fun she had here and how many people enjoyed her meals at this kitchen table.  Bon Appetit!


Thank you Julia!

click here for her cookbooks

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