Living Room:

This room has the very common problem of being too big that people don’t know how to live in it. The best solution for rooms like this is to have different spaces for different activities.   We decided to create 3 separate living areas; the “office”; sofa and chairs for visiting and/or TV watching; dining area.  The Realtor’s first reaction to the space was that it looked bigger!

I failed to get a really good photo of the table and chairs…sorry.  But it is a really nice dining area by the window.  Why not have it here where it is more spacious and the view and light are wonderful!

We put this picture where a TV could be

In the entry area, we put a desk.  This space is large enough for a computer, book cases or shelves, a printer/fax machine.  This fixes the dilemma of no official office space (as in, no second bedroom). This is a small desk, but the area could accommodate much larger furniture.

Kitchen Area:

This piece belongs to the owner and we decided to kept it in this area by the kitchen. Viewers to the unstaged apartment thought this was the only place you could have a dining table because it had the light overhead (but it was very small). We wanted to show it differently by not putting an eating table here.   And with a smallish kitchen, this piece allows for more storage of kitchen items. If the new owner really wanted to, they could put a very small round table here as a breakfast table.

Just adding a few kitchen items makes it look as if someone is making dinner!


Doesn’t this look better than an empty bedroom?

And don’t forget the outside. We added  a potted plant to the deck overlooking the Hudson River.  Even on a dreary day, it is still quite a view!

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Thank you for taking  the tour.

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