A 1 bedroom apartment overlooking the Hudson River has been on the market a while, so the Realtor and owner called us in for Staging. I am going to show you the “befores” and some of the dilemmas that this apartment presents.  You will have to check back later in the week to see the “afters”!

Living Room: dilemma?  A very large, narrow room;  potential buyers are confused as to where to put furniture

Dinning Area:  dilemma? not much room for a table

Kitchen: dilemma? an older, empty kitchen can look a little “tired”

Bedroom: nice room, great view.  No real dilemmas, just “empty” and uninviting

Bathroom:  really nice condition, just “empty”

If you were online looking for a new home, would these photographs be appealing to you? Probably not. You might even pass it by and that would be a shame because it really is a gem.

So, check back for how Nancy and I solved the dilemmas of this cute apartment

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