West Elm

what a great store West Elm is…and how cute is this catalog cover! check them out online for great summer items: summer is coming!!

Window Treatments

Here is a recent project.  Beautiful windows, but it’s time they get dressed! MASTER BATHROOM: BEFORE BATHROOM: AFTER My client really wanted the shades to be special, so in addition to beautiful silk fabric, I found the most beautiful beads for embellishment.  They really add so much to the fabric and overall look…just the right [...]

“Country Living” rooms

Here is a great site with lots of Living Room ideas; I love this one… 18th-Century English Room Don’t feel confined by period pieces when decorating an entire space; Offset stately furnishings with assured playful colors, like rosy pinks and crisp greens. Chartreuse curtains and a red lampshade help to balance out the seriousness of [...]

Staging/ 1 Bedroom Apartment

Living Room: This room has the very common problem of being too big that people don’t know how to live in it. The best solution for rooms like this is to have different spaces for different activities.   We decided to create 3 separate living areas; the “office”; sofa and chairs for visiting and/or TV [...]

Real Estate Staging: 1 Bedroom Apt.

A 1 bedroom apartment overlooking the Hudson River has been on the market a while, so the Realtor and owner called us in for Staging. I am going to show you the “befores” and some of the dilemmas that this apartment presents.  You will have to check back later in the week to see the [...]

Happy Mother’s Day

An heirloom from my grandmother…it came with a picture of my mom from the 40′s. I will wear it today and remember my mother and grandmother. Happy  Mother’s Day everyone!


Lately I have been lulled to sleep by a spicy aroma that comes from a bar of soap on my nightstand.  Sometimes I put it on my pillow during the day, and move it to the night stand while I sleep. It’s so enjoyable, I think you should try it!  The one I have is [...]

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