To Dwell: to reside; to live in a given condition, as in, “to dwell in happiness”. What a beautiful word; we do not just live in our homes, we dwell there. Come with me to visit my friends in their homes in the series called “Real Women*Real Spaces”. These are regular women, but by no means ordinary! I want to capture them in the rooms they love, in the homes where they dwell in happiness…and in a style unique to each.

FLORIDA!! Can’t think of a nicer place to visit than the Gulf Coast in April.  Warm sun, white sand, breezes, sea shells, blue sky, beautiful sunsets, walks on the beach, fun and family!  This bungalow was built in 1948 and had gone through several additions before Joanne and her husband bought it several years ago.  They continue to improve the home, while maintaining the bungalow appearance and beachy feel. The newest improvement was the covered porch, which really is the best “room” in the house. Joanne’s style is simple and comfortable.  I love the navy and white theme throughout the home as well as all her nautical items.

living room:



kitchen entrance:

guest house:

let’s go to the beach!

back of house, facing the ocean, at sunset

our stay included a birthday party!

shady places when you are done sunbathing

Joanne has taken up painting (watercolor at first and now acrylic), so her artwork is displayed in the home and it is so beautiful and adds so much to the decor.  Twice a year the “Plein Aire Painters”come to paint on her part of the beach.  The director, Neil Walling, painted the following picture and gave it to Joanne.

thanks for the visit Joanne…you are a wonderful hostess and we had a blast!

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