I have a collection of antique mirrors in my home. I enjoy collecting old things either from family or in antique/thrift stores (no kidding)!My motto is “I like things with a history; even if I don’t know what it is”!  Here they are and I will tell you where they are from.

#1 This mirror originally came from my father’s mother. It’s mahogany with beveled glass. My mother had it in her garage with hats on it (can you imagine?) so I rescued it one weekend. I had to replace the hooks because a couple were missing. I have loved having at my back door entrance.

#2 I purchased this from the Salvation Army store in MA in the 90′s and it has been in my bathroom ever since.  I prefer having an old mirror in the bathroom instead of a  traditional “bathroom” mirror.  I have really liked this oak and beveled glass one.

#3 This is a recent purchase which I put in my office.  It is mahogany, with a little gold trim and wavy glass, which I love!

#4 This one in my living room is from a dresser that belonged to my mother’s mother. Even though it is supposed to be attached to the dresser, I like it here better.

#5 This gold leaf mirror was in my mother’s entry for as long as I can remember; she had it over a desk.  I can still see her on really cold days adjusting her hat in front of this mirror before she would go for her daily walk; or putting on her mink hat to go to church on a cold Sunday morning!

#6 My mother’s mother had this sweet mahogany mirror by her front door.  I would watch her as she put on her lipstick before she would go out. There were always several shades sitting on the shelf.  I have this by my front door as well, but I don’t use lipstick, I use Chapstick!

Other collections

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