I have some beautiful old pieces of silver that are very special. I love to display them at certain times of the year.  Winter seems like a good time to have these special pieces around.  One of the oldest is this tray from my grandparent’s home.

The engraving on the back says, “To Flo and George From their many friends in the Shore and Country Club”.  They decided to leave Connecticut and retire to Texas in the 50′s!  It didn’t last long; they missed us grand-kids too much (of course, we were adorable). The pitcher sitting on the tray is from a garage sale.

These 2 dishes are from my mother-in-law.  They were appropriate for us because they have our initial on them, “K”.

Aren’t they sweet!  They make nice candy dishes.

This next piece was a wedding gift, so it is now 32 years old.  I love to put the bowl on my table with a plant in it…but I have used it as a punch bowl (didn’t we always make punch in the 70′s?!).

My newest edition was a Christmas gift from my childhood friend and partner, Nancy, who had an ingenious idea for old silver…

…why not put a mirror on it, drill some holes, tie some ribbon and hang it on the wall?  I love it!  thanks Nancy

Happy Collecting and displaying!

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