the beauty around us

what I see this week: a snowstorm!

Merry Before-Christmas

What did I get, before Christmas?  I saw this idea ( tub) in a magazine (sorry, can’t remember which one) and had to have it for my tree.  It looks adorable and also is practical…no water will ever touch my wood floor!!  Brilliant! So, at Home Depot, I couldn’t stop there (and galvanized steel is [...]

Christmas In Williamsburg

I dedicate this post to my friend Mark who doesn’t understand why anyone would use fruit in their holiday decorating.  It dates back to, at least, colonial times where they used what they had on hand…very “natural” decorating!  Here are a few examples from Colonial Williamsburg. orange pomanders smell heavenly try this centerpiece all photos [...]

Photo Ready

Have you longed for a FILM camera again?  Well, they are back (but they never really went away, did they). It can be so nice to hold a picture in your hands. I saw this in the Pottery Barn catalog…vintage looking film cameras! There are others out there as well. We have a collection on [...]

Antiquing in Connecticut

The Antique Trail is Exit 15 off Rt. 84 and is a picturesque country scene at every turn. I heart Connecticut!  I came upon Country Loft Antiques…a little bit of France along the Trail. I had such a lovely time  here and you will too!  Stop by and see Carol and perhaps add some French [...]

the beauty around us

what I saw this week: All the great greenery Nancy and I got this week in CT to help decorate! You can never have enough birch or winterberry!  Advice…always keep the clippers in the car.

Christmas Wrapping

I found myself in the Container Store and it is such a fun and happy place, especially this time of year (isn’t everywhere more fun and beautiful this time of year?) have a Merry time wrapping and creating beautiful packages

the beauty around us

what I saw this week: I was in NYC for a quick trip and went to ABC Carpet and Home…always inspiring and beautiful, especially this season a window I passed by the fuschia still blooming with the tree and lights behind it unexpected and delightful

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