To Dwell: to reside; to live in a given condition, as in, “to dwell in happiness”. What a beautiful word; we do not just live in our homes, we dwell there. Come with me to visit my friends in their homes in the new series called “Real Women*Real Spaces”. These are regular women, but by no means ordinary! I want to capture them in the rooms they love, in the homes where they dwell in happiness…and in a style unique to each.

Today we meet Sharon in her beautiful 1960′s home in New York.  Sharon moved from New Jersey to New York for a home with more space for her growing family.  She loved what she found in this “Contemporary” home.  It has lots of space, a large yard, and many windows from where she can view her natural setting.  Sharon commutes to White Plains and New York City so she loves to come home to her “retreat”. Notice the features that give this home’s age away: vaulted ceiling; brick wall; rectangular fireplace; casement windows; all very “mod” and cool.   Let’s join her on this beautiful, sunny, spring day.

One of Sharon’s passions is playing the piano.

Another passion is cooking…look at the stack of cookbooks; they look beautiful displayed in any room!

Sharon’s style is to mix it up by using furnishings from different periods. This beautiful dinning set is from the 1960′s and compliments both the home and her newer items.  Its wonderful to mix styles and periods when decorating; it can have a very unique look, as you can see.

Thanks for the visit Sharon!

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