Real Women*Real Spaces #1

To Dwell: to reside; to live in a given condition, as in, “to dwell in happiness”. What a beautiful word; we do not just live in our homes, we dwell there. Come with me to visit my friends in their homes in the new series called “Real Women*Real Spaces”. These are regular women, but by [...]

Thrift Store Treasures/Trays

My love of flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores bring treasures into my home.  But what to do with them!?  I love these painted trays…and here are 3 options for where I can use them in my home. 1. Hang it on the wall   2. create a pretty table display   3. use it on [...]

Adding Color to Your Home #2

Adding color is a challenge at much is too much or too little; how much of the color do you want present in the room, a small amount or the whole room; how does it mesh with the furnishings and other colors present in the room?   Here are some examples of how to incorporate [...]

Adding Color to Your Home

In the last post, “Winter Photos”, I talked about incorporating color into your home.  I suggested using nature as your inspiration.  Here are a couple of ideas for using Sky Blue. The first is to paint your ceiling…isn’t it gorgeous!  The second is to use blue chairs. Painting walls isn’t the only way to add [...]

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