Real Estate Staging Update

“Stage That House” is happy to report that 4 recently Staged homes have sold!

1.  River Road, Grandview, NY

2. 6th Avenue, Nyack,  NY

3. 9W Upper Grandview, NY

4. Penthouse, Nyack, NY

Thanks to the Realtors who have entrusted us to make these beautiful homes even more sell-able!

1. Evadne Archambault, Southeby’s

2. Greg Miller, Keller Williams

3. Russ Wooley, Wright Bros.

4. Margo Bolin and Donna Cox, Better Homes and Gardens/Rand

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Real Woman*Real Spaces #13

To Dwell: to reside; to live in a given condition, as in, “to dwell in happiness”. What a beautiful word; we do not just live in our homes, we dwell there. Come with me to visit my friends in their homes in the series called “Real Women*Real Spaces”. These are regular women, but by no means ordinary! I want to capture them in the rooms they love, in the homes where they dwell in happiness…and in a style unique to each.

I had a visit with Cheryl (and Nancy) the other day. We had tea and conversation, and it was lovely. I was anxious to see her home because she is British and wondered if her home would feel like a cottage. Well, I was not disappointed! I guess maybe the first give away was the English Ivy growing on the front of her house and the second was the Twining Tea we enjoyed. Her home is an adorable Cape Cod style. Here are just a couple of her rooms.


love the old brick!

I have always been a sucker for a spiral staircase, haven’t you?


Living Room:

an amazing wall of book cases!


Such a nice morning! Thanks Cheryl for letting me take some pictures.

Here is her delicious  ’Flapjack” recipe:

(at first I thought she made us pancakes!)

pre-heat 350 degress

1 stick butter

1/4 cup brown sugar

4 Tablespoons agave

vanilla (optional)

melt butter, sugar and agave on low heat until sugar dissolves, 5 minutes.

stir in 3 cups of Quick Cook Oatmeal

press in to square pan (should be 1″ thick)

bake 20 minutes or until golden

cut into squares, then let cool

Cheryl added some seeds and craisins: so add what you like

“Chicken Dishes”

a slight joke, “chicken dishes”,  no chicken recipes here!

these are from my mother’s kitchen

Easter 2013

Happy Easter to all!

“They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus”. Luke 24

 handmade card from my sister-in-law Christine, beautiful!

Good Friday 2013

Upper Grandview Staging

Nancy and I were busy a couple of weeks ago Staging a beautiful home that over looks the Tappan Zee Bridge. The home owners were still in residence, so we were hired to help with the editing and arranging. It was a pleasure working with Liz, the homeowner, and Russ Wooley, the Realtor. I think Liz was one of the most accommodating owners we have worked with as of  yet; she was up for anything!

Front Entry:

We moved in this larger rug from another part of the house, and Liz set the table!

Living Room:  Before

Living Room: After

We removed part of the Sectional  Sofa so it no longer dominated the room. We also rearranged the furnishings and accessories.

Kitchen: Before

Kitchen: After

We cleared off the counters and moved the table; added plants and fruit (a must).

Beautiful view!

These are the only pictures I took, but we did so much more! The couple worked really hard cleaning out, throwing out, giving away and moving things to Storage; we were able to help them think through this process. We changed an office into a bedroom (really important for showing the house); we made a lower-level bedroom into a workout room (also a very nice feature); we gave the lower- level Family Room a new look. This Staging only enhanced the home’s beauty! A Staged home also provides better pictures for the Realtor’s website: this is so vital in today’s market.

Here is Russ’ website for more pictures and information on the house.

Thanks Russ and Liz!

A Different Take.4

New feature coming this year…my friend and photographer, Kathleen Falato, will be sharing with us. In her words…

A DIFFERENT TAKE I enjoy photographing everyday objects in my beautiful state of Maine and presenting them in an interesting way. I see beauty in the simple things, and hope you will too.


Snow Storm 2013

hope everyone in the Northeast is safe and warm!

The Infinity Scarf

Hello all, it’s another freezing day in the Northeast, so it’s a perfect day for a quick project. I went Antiquing with Martha over the weekend and found something fun. This scarf is hand knit, wool, and the perfect size (and perfect price-under $5.00) for making an Infinity Scarf. I had first thought that I would just knit or crochet one, but have been wondering if I could take a scarf and turn it into an Infinity. It worked!

Here is the scarf as purchased. I thought it was a perfect size because I wanted the new scarf to be tight around my neck, like a turtleneck as apposed to a huge cowl neck.

I matched the yarn and sewed the ends together.

I like the finished product! It’s snug and warm.

Here is a video of how to crochet your own.

*these scarves can also be called Eternity

Grand Central Terminal:Happy Birthday!

Today is Grand Central Terminal’s 100th Birthday. It was almost torn down in the 70′s when a group of New Yorkers stopped it. Jackie K. Onassis and Congressman Ed Koch were among them. New Yorkers today are very happy they succeeded in keeping the landmark building. We visited this summer. Here are a few shots, not that great, but you can get an idea for the magnificence of the structure. We had a delicious lunch too.



And for us, a trip to NYC is not complete without dinner in Little Italy.

Happy 100th to an American Landmark!

I will show you soon about the Colorama Display we saw there.

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